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Expiry Date: Friday, 17 May 2019

Employer: MFA
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MFA Digital Foundations Program

MFA Digital Foundations Certification is a training program that equips our industry with a foundation level of digital knowledge as agreed by Digital Leaders in our industry.  To achieve the certification, there are two exams to pass, and individuals need to attain a result of 80% of more.

There are two certificates:

  • Certificate I: Display, Video, Social and SEM.
  • Certificate II: SEO, Content Marketing, Programmatic and Measurement that Matters.

Purpose of Role

As the Digital Contractor, the role will cover two areas:

  1. Material - updating all the 8 modules content and exam questions (where necessary) to ensure all materials are current.
  2. Project Manager – organizing, directing and producing the e-learning program, checking in with the MFA team.

Scope of Role – as the digital expert

  • Ensure that content is up to date across the 8 modules
  • Material and exams have been updated
  • Communication plan is delivered
  • Direct and produce the e-learning content
    • e., rehearsals, filming

Attributes and skills

  • Digital expert with 8+ years experience
  • Knowledge of Display, Video, Social, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Programmatic and Measurement
  • Training expertise
  • Great communication skills – both written and verbal. Can convert digital speak into simple language (understandable by people who don’t work in the industry)
  • An Eye for Detail. You will be obsessed with making sure that all ‘I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed’.
  • There will be many roadblocks that occur as a result of working for a high growth association in a dynamic industry. You will need persistence and a ‘where there is a will there is a way’ attitude to accomplish the outcome.  You will constantly have to follow up with people (both internally and externally) and ensure that all projects are managed to completion.
  • Ability to get things done. Projects will start, stop and become delayed. It will be your role to ensure that they are accomplished on time in the face of this. However, you must also be sensitive to the fact that many of the people with project related responsibilities are volunteers (i.e. This is not their day job and they graciously give us their time and effort in addition to their regular role within their own organisation).

Purpose of MFA

The MFA exists to champion a dynamic and thriving media agency industry.  We are driven by our vision to make the media agency industry better at what we do, through attracting and retaining the best people; developing efficient and effective ways of working; and demonstrating the value our industry plays in growing clients’ businesses.  


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