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Expiry Date: Monday, 27 May 2019

Employer: The MFA & The Communications Council
Location: Sydney


What is the AILA?

The Advertising Industry Labour Agreement (AILA) has been negotiated between the Media Federation of Australia (MFA), The Communications Council (TCC) and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to enable the Advertising industry to cover key skills shortages that cannot be filled by local Australian talent.

Who are the MFA and Communications Council?

MFA and TCC are not-for-profit industry associations, and together represent the majority of creative and media agencies in the Australian Advertising Industry.  The membership of both organisations include the local offices of all major companies (Omnicom, WPP, Dentsu, Havas, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic Group, M&C Saatchi), small international networks and a flourishing collection of independent Australian agencies.

The MFA represents media agencies, championing a dynamic and thriving media agency industry through attracting and retaining the best people; developing efficient and effective ways of working; and demonstrating the value our industry plays in growing clients’ businesses.   MFA’s members account for over 90% of all media billings placed by media agencies in Australia.

TCC is the peak industry body representing companies in the Australian Advertising Industry, with over 160 member agencies performing creative, digital, strategic planning, promotion, direct marketing, public relations, design, production, and healthcare advertising.

The Role Purpose

The MFA and TCC have signed a Schedule of Responsibilities with the DHA and have an important role and obligations in the AILA process, which includes:

  • Pre-vetting
  • Managing the industry annual visa cap
  • Reporting

As the AILA Program Manager, you will own and run the MFA/TCC AILA process, allowing the industry to fill critical skill gaps and ensuring that our obligations are met.   You will be accountable to both the MFA and TCC CEO’s.


Success of the AILA will be driven by MFA and TCC’s members ability to access AILA visas to fill skill gaps and the establishment of an efficient, effective and commercially viable AILA process for the MFA and TCC.   The ability for members to access AILA visas and for the system to be operationally viable for the MFA and TCC is tied to 4 things:

  • A robust and efficient pre-vetting system that works for members and DHA
  • An efficient, transparent and fair ‘Expression of Interest’ system for managing the annual visa cap with members and the DHA
  • Accurate, efficient and fit for purpose reporting and administration of the AILA process for MFA, TCC, members and DHA
  • A commercial operating structure and fee system that is cost neutral for the MFA and TCC

Your success is directly tied to achieving the following KPIs in each of these areas.

A robust and efficient pre-vetting system that works for members and DHA

The DHA has outlined the required criteria that must be met in order to be endorsed by the MFA/TCC.  You are responsible for developing and executing an efficient pre-vetting system for MFA/TCC members.

Specifically, this includes:

  • Establishing and executing the application process based on the DHA criteria, the evaluation/assessment process and communication to MFA/TCC members and DHA.
  • Managing and supporting MFA/TCC members through the process.

An efficient, transparent and fair ‘Expression of Interest’ system for managing the annual visa cap with members and the DHA

The AILA includes a current agreed annual visa cap is 300 visas across all members (split 50:50 MFA:TCC) and the MFA/TCC has committed to the DHA to manage this ‘transparently and fairly’ and annually through an ‘Expressions of Interest’ process.

You are responsible for co-creating with the MFA/TCC CEO’s a transparent and fair ‘Expression of Interest’ process, for implementing the process and for evolving the process as we gain learnings.

Specifically, this includes:

  • A fair annual process and implementation of visa pre-allocation to MFA and TCC members
  • A fair annual process and implementation for final visa requirements across MFA and TCC members

Accurate, efficient and fit for purpose reporting and administration of the AILA process for MFA, TCC, members and DHA

The MFA/TCC has agreed to a number of responsibilities with the DHA that require monitoring and reporting of how the individual MFA and TCC members are managing their individual AILA agreements, in order to ensure that our obligations are met.

You are responsible for designing, setting up and managing the administration of the AILA process and reporting to the MFA/TCC and DHA.

  • Managing and resolving member and public enquiries
  • An accurate and timely reporting system measuring the key accountability areas
  • An accurate and efficient record keeping/administration system
  • An effective communication process for MFA/TCC CEO’s, MFA/TCC members and DHA

A commercial operating structure and fee system that is ‘at-worst’ cost neutral for the MFA and TCC

The MFA and TCC are not for profit industry organisations, funded by member fees.  It is important that all our activities deliver a ROI to our members and uses a ‘user pays’ system.  We have an agreed commercial fee structure designed to deliver to this. You are responsible for:

  • Putting the commercial fee structure in place
  • Accurate forecasting and budget management to deliver to an ‘at-worst’ cost-neutral position
  • Setting up an efficient and effective financial administration system

Attributes and Experience for Success

To be successful in this role you must demonstrate that you have:

HR and Visa process experience.   This role requires a lot of system and process set up for working with Agency HR teams on labour agreements and Visa requirements as well as the DHA on how those requirements are being met.  This requires you to have a good understanding and hands on experience of working on the front-line of HR, working with employer requirements, Visa applications and the DHA.

Planning and execution.  You must be great at planning, forecasting and working to plan as well as adjusting plans when variables change. This requires you to be able to see the big picture, create a very process oriented plan that delivers those results and be nimble enough to adjust plans and processes when required.

People Person / Influencer. This role requires A LOT of interaction with people and influence over people of all types. You must be comfortable speaking with and influencing everyone from a delivery driver to the CEO of one of our Members or the DHA. To prefer picking up the phone rather than sending an email because you value relationships, and also understand the importance of face to face or voice to voice interaction over waiting for someone to respond over email.

Commercial Nouse. You are responsible for setting and meeting financial budgets. This is important for any organisation, but it is critically important for a not-for-profit. We rely on members’ fees for our very existence, you must treat this revenue as you would your own.   Although we are passionate about meeting members’ needs, we also need to deliver a return on their investment. This might mean you need to make hard choices from time to time. Balancing superior member service with financial goals is an art you must bring to the table.

Extreme Ownership. We are a collaborative and inclusive team, but we are also lean and mighty. Everyone on the team needs to take extreme ownership for their roles. The buck stops with you.  We rely on you to achieve your KPIs with little guidance (but much support) from us. If something goes wrong neither we, nor you, will play the ‘blame game’ but we do expect you to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them. If you make a promise, we expect you to keep it, or manage expectations in the rare circumstance where you are not able to do so.

Effective Communicator. You will be communicating both informally and formally with a lot of different people in your role from internal and external stakeholders, speakers, members and the wider industry.  You will need to be expert at determining WHAT to communicate and HOW to communicate it and managing up as well as managing down.

Ability to figure things out. Our associations are not-for-profit, which means we have to be very efficient with our funds, self-reliant, and a pro-active problem solver. Conversely, we represent a very dynamic industry and are always looking for innovative solutions. You should be excited by this challenge and willing to pitch in where needed.

Telling it like it is. We pride ourselves on open, honest, direct communication.  We tell it like it is and expect you to as well.

An Eye for Detail. You MUST be able to review a document or report and immediately notice when something isn’t up to standard.  Your success relies on our ability to; trust your data; have confidence that you have interrogated your sources; know that you are dealing in fact.  You will be THE person that will make sure that all ‘I’s are dotted, and T’s are crossed’ for the AILA program.

Passion. We thrive on excellence; we push boundaries and we DON’T accept the status quo. This means we work fast and have opinionated, bright minds. We expect you to have opinions and sometimes we will disagree. We expect you to challenge and to disagree. We also expect you to act professionally and respectfully and to commit to decisions once made, regardless of whether you agree with that particular decision or not.

Office Politics. We’re not interested in office politics and we don’t play games. We expect everyone in the office to be focused on our bigger mission and not on creating drama. We work at a very fast pace. This can sometimes cause friction. Your ability to get along with the team, to be open and honest about problems as they arise, is central to your success in this role.


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