Job Category MFA Job Board Employer: CHE Proximity
Location: Sydney / Melbourne


CHE Proximity is looking for a new breed of Investment Trader

CHEP is a full-service model and the role is centralised within strategic planning in the experience team. Why? Because we believe experience starts with the very first exposure to a brand and so bought and owned channels should be planned together across the entire experience.

Our approach is driven by behaviour based media planning. Data is a huge part of what we do as an agency and media is no different. We're fortunate to have some excellent data scientists working with us helping to build the latest and greatest in models. You'll also be surrounded by brand and innovation planners, a UX team and Creative Directors who are all incredibly excited about this new offering.

Our client base has grown rapidly and is continuing on this upward trajectory. All of our clients are fully integrated (across digital and ATL channels) and are looking for fresh thinking in media. They cover a range of industries across education, energy, health and other service providers.

We are backed by The Omnicom Media Group and have access to all tools, support and deals. We use the Google Tech Stack.


  • An understanding of the industry. Ideally 2+ years of integrated experience. Experience on bigger accounts will be preferred.
  • Sustain relationships with media partners at a day to day level.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Work with and manage all aspects of our media & experience team to get the best outcome.
  • Work with Account Service in the ongoing management of the client.
  • A desire to improve processes and work flows where needed.
  • Work in a team and with other departments in the agency to solve client's business problems.
  • The desire to progress up into more senior roles through trading or strategic media planning.

Desired Skills and Experience 

  • Secure, optimise and deliver above-the-line schedules to budget in line with client KPIs and network share agreements.
  • Be relentless in the resolution of under deliveries on campaigns.
  • Work with the Investment Director to extract added value on behalf of clients.
  • Ensure timely delivery & accuracy of post campaign reporting.
  • Ensure accurate and timely flow of billings for clients and media partners each month. 
  • Provide regular positive and negative feedback to improve effectiveness of campaign delivery – internally and externally.
  • Seamless and concise communication of media plans and deliverables with client account service teams (internal department).
  • Find opportunities to drive media firsts which are innovative, effective and drive industry development.
  • Educating and updating the wider agency on media capabilities and innovation
  • Experience with media tools
    • Spectra MD
    • Optim8
    • Curv8ture
    • AQX (OzTam, eRam & Nielsen)
    • Asteroid
    • MS Office

Who is CHE Proximity

More than ever before the medium, the message and it's sequencing are inseparable from each other.

Unlike any time in history, connecting the medium, the message, and its sequencing to the consumer is more vital than ever.

Connected creativity is the synchronization of strategic positioning, engaging creative, combined with the next generation of engagement planning to ensure ideas create the cut-through needed to deliver the strongest commercial performances. Today, creativity cannot be left to chance. One brand expression or big TV ad is simply not enough.

More than ever, brands need to live in culture and our consumers worlds, allowing audiences to not only consume brands, but take part in owning, creating and amplifying them. To do this, the role of influencers, publishers, the news and bought media are inseparable from each other and the expression of the idea itself. To create such work, the classic disciplines of the marketing mix – advertising, experience, PR, CRM, media, digital – must all be unified, removing P&Ls, biases and incumbency to reveal a new breed of agnostic agency, resulting in connected creativity.

At CHE Proximity, we see this as the shift from brand as advertising to brand as experience. It is as profound a change in advertising as the printing press was to the democratisation of information. We are investing our every effort into leading this transformation and in doing so, supporting the sustainability of our cherished industry as an essential ingredient of modern commerce.

This is what we call Connected Creativity.

Some recent highlights

In addition to growing our business with high profile and forward-thinking clients our creativity and effectiveness has been recognised by our peers:

AFR Most Innovative Companies 2020: #1 Media & Marketing Company

AFR Most Innovative Companies: Best Marketing Innovation 2017 - 2020

Mumbrella 2020: Full Service Agency of the Year

WARC 2020: #3 Most Effective Agency in the World

Contagious Pioneers: Top 10 Best and Bravest Agencies on the Planet 2018 2020

B&T 2019: VIC & Direct Response/Performance Agency of the Year

London International Awards 2019: APAC Agency of the Year

Tangrams: Asia Effectiveness Agency of the Year 2018, 2019

WARC: Most Effective Australian Agency 2014 2020


Clemenger Group is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and people of all backgrounds to apply.

At Clemenger Group we employ flexible work practices where appropriate, support charities including Peter MacCallum, and undertake a range of environmental initiatives across our businesses.


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