MFA Awards Entry & Criteria

MFA Awards Categories and Criteria

The MFA Awards Categories and Criteria have undergone a careful review and refocus, resulting in a significant number of changes being introduced this year. A more streamlined approach means the number of categories have reduced. The categories center around three main themes; Outcomes, Execution and People and Community and a strong focus on effectiveness is reflected throughout.

What’s new for 2019?

All of our categories have been revamped; with some exciting new categories being introduced, including; ‘Inspiration X’, 'Bravery' and ‘Industry Contributor’

Inspiration X will showcase talent among the ‘younger’ professionals in the industry. Employees of MFA Member Agencies with 15 years or less experience will be eligible to enter. For more information click here

Bravery will demonstrate and celebrate how brave decision making has the ability to unlock results for brands and businesses.

Industry Contributor will celebrate the ‘unsung heroes’ among us and give agencies the chance to shine a spotlight on team members that would not usually get the recognition they deserve. 


Entries open on Monday 27th May until Tuesday 23rd July, with the exception of the NGEN and Inspiration X categories, these will remain open until Tuesday 30th July.  

The rigorous judging process will be in two stages, online and live. Online judging will commence on Thursday 1st August and conclude on Thursday 15th of August. After a review process, live judging will commence.

Live judging will take place in Sydney on Tuesday 20th August, Melbourne Wednesday 21st August and Brisbane on Thursday 22nd August. Finalists will be announced late August.

Winners will be announced at the MFA Awards event, which will take place at Carriageworks on Thursday 17th October.