MFA e-Learning is comprised of 4 learning programs:

MFA Digital Foundations - A comprehensive 13 week e-Learning program that sets a benchmark for what constitutes foundation digital media advertising knowledge.  Participants achieve industry recognised certification following successful completion of two exams; Certificate I and Certificate II.  Learning outcomes include a clear understanding of the digital landscape, its terminology, the trading models, and the evaluation and measurement methods of the key channels. The program is designed for everyone, however is a mandatory requirement for all MFA member agency staff with less than 2 years' experience, not recommended for under 3 months.

MFA Television Foundations - A 9 week e-Learning program that sets a benchmark for what constitutes basic television media buying proficiency.  Learning outcomes include a clear understanding of the television landscape, terminology, planning processes, trading models, and the evaluation and measurement methods.  Participants receive industry recognised certification upon successful completion of one exam.  The program has been designed for everyone, however is a must-have capability for all MFA member agency staff with less than 2 years’ experience. 

MFA How To Buy Television (MFA Member Agencies only) - A 9 week e-Learning program that provides industry best-practice training for media agencies trading television in the Australian marketplace. The learning outcomes include a comprehensive understanding of how to successfully prepare, create, execute, manage performance delivery, and report outcomes of a television buy. Upon the successful completion of one exam and one LIVE Television buy assessment to be completed by a mentor, participants receive industry recognised certification. This program has been designed for people who have completed the MFA Television Foundations course. 

SBS Inclusion (MFA members only) - A suite of Australia's leading online inclusion training courses helping to embrace diversity and promote safe, happy and productive workplaces.  Courses cover the diversity topics of Core Inclusion, First Nations, LGBTIQ+, Gender Equity, Disability, Cultural Diversity, Generational Diversity, and Appropriate Workplace Behaviour. There are no formal assessments, however participants earn certificates of achievement following completion of each course.