The MFA Digital Foundations Certification Program is an industry recognised program that demonstrates basic digital media proficiency. The program is open to all MFA agency staff, and is a mandatory requirement for all those with less than 2 years’ experience.  To gain certification, you must pass a two-hour, closed book exam.  There are separate exams for Certification I and Certification II, you will need to sit both exams (however you need to sit the Certificate I exam prior to commencing Certificate II). The minimum pass rate is 80%, you are strongly advised to attend all training sessions and then review the Study Guide and Glossary of Terms on the MFA website.

Exam registration is $50 (plus GST).  Before registering, check with your agency if they have a preferred registration payment process.  Exam registration is non-transferrable and a strict cancellation policy applies, please ensure you are aware of the terms and conditions.

To book your exam place, create an account and you will be sent a login and password. Keep these details safe and bring them with you to the exam.

To find out more about the exam and registration process, please refer to the FAQS.