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Tapping Into the Tipping Point with Lipton Ice Tea


Up against the likes of Coke and Pepsi that spend millions associating themselves with summer was Lipton Ice tea with comparatively low awareness. The aim: to attain a disproportionate share of mind and drive sales growth on a budget 85% smaller than the major players, in a flat category. From sales data, qualitative research and analytics came a simple insight – the refreshment tipping point. Between 26° to 34°, consumers’ drinking needs change as tastebuds physically re-prioritise – sweet carbonated drinks are cast aside for more hydrating alternatives.


Using Bureau of Meteorology data, the baseline temperature tipping points for each major Australian city were identified, allowing high reaching static OOH and TV activity in weeks that historically hit the tipping point. Lipton’s brand assets were integrated with ‘Big Bash’ cricket, and billboards and TV spots were upweighted in the weeks the tipping point was likely.

It was imperative real-time reaction to the tipping point occurred and for it to be active across the most relevant moments. Addressable media was linked to a weather API, allowing ads to programmatically engage when it hit. A WeatherZone app integration allowed each message to be changed based on the actual temperature. For instance, across a Sydney heatwave weekend, a real-time Snapchat lens showed your face boiling hot and then cooling.

At the refreshment tipping point, along with people’s drink preference change came a change in behaviour. Storyful algorithmically identified trending user-generated content of people sharing inventive ways to stay cool. This was branded and, in a global media-first, activated across YouTube and Snapchat when the refreshment tipping point hit in exactly the right places.


Audience reach was more than 95% and the heat-activated Snapchat filter was accessed more than two million times at a rate +61% above the national engagement benchmark. Leveraging user-generated Storyful activity increased online video view rates +68%. Despite significant declines in the flavoured drink category across the summer, Lipton Ice Tea gained a 19% increase in sales against the previous year.

Judges Comments

This campaign was a truly media-led strategy with smart media alignments backed by data. There were consistent and notable insights throughout all media channels which ultimately led to great results, making this a winning entry.