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TESTING Are you interested in extending your university studies, and experiencing work at a Media Agency?

It’s a great opportunity to experience our fast and dynamic industry, providing a ‘hands on’ experience, where you will be involved in the normal day to day life in an agency.  Expect to be learning a lot and having some fun!  What you will see is a very busy and dynamic industry!

The goal of an agency internship is to provide you with exposure and experience across all (or many) of the different roles within a media agency.  You will have the opportunity to attend work meetings and some events.  However, this is dependent on the agency.

Each of the below listed MFA members offer Internship programs.  Please click on each agency to find out more about their program or to arrange your internship.

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic Industry Internship opportunities are limited.  We recommend anyone seeking an Industry Internship placement contact the below media agencies directly on the details provided to enquire about individual placements. 

Hey there, future media professionals!

Are you ready to take the first step towards an exciting career in media? Look no further than the Media Federation of Australia's Internship and Graduate Hub! We know how tough it can be to navigate the job market.

That's why we've reached out to some of Australia’s top media agencies and created this centralised resource for you. 

These internship and graduate programs will all offer you hands-on experience and networking opportunities, which will be super valuable to help you kickstart a fulfilling career in the dynamic and ever-evolving media industry!

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