MFA Digital Foundations Certification

The MFA Digital Foundations Certification Program has been introduced to provide the industry with a solid and consistent level of foundation digital media knowledge.

This industry recognised program sets a benchmark for what constitutes basic digital proficiency, ensuring that all members have a clear understanding of the digital landscape, including its language and terminology, the buying and trading models, and the evaluation and measurement methods of the key channels.

Participants will receive professional certification as evidence of their knowledge upon successful completion of a rigorous two-hour exam.

The industry certification will be mandatory requirement for all MFA member agency staff with less than 2 years' experience. This is a program created by the industry for the industry, having been led by the MFA Interactive Committee in collaboration with a team of industry experts.

Certificate I covers the subjects of: Display, Video, Social and Search Engine Marketing.

Certificate II covers the subjects of: Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Programmatic and Measurement that matters.