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MFA Media For All - Building a diverse and inclusive media agency industry

The MFA is committed to building a diverse, equitable an inclusive industry.  MFA Media For All aims to create a media agency industry where everyone can thrive, feel heard, supported and safe to do their best work.  We invite everyone to play an active role in this movement - it is the responsibility of all of us to drive this change through every aspect of what we do: our people and culture, our supply chain and the communications we produce.  

Our industry strategy

The role of the MFA and Agencies

Introducing the MFA DE&I Council

The MFA DE&I council's ambition is to be a voice that drives change and progress in the area of DE&I across our industry by:

  1. Inspiring, challenging and providing guidance and expertise
  2. Attracting and promoting diverse voices in our industry
  3. Advocating and raising awareness

The council is comprised of a wide variety of diverse voices with a shared passion to be a positive guide, so that together we can forge a media industry that is truly for ALL.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training for all MFA members and their staff

A core pillar of the MFA Media For All strategy is industry education.  In partnership and with thanks to SBS, everyone working for an MFA member agency has access for FREE to Australia's leading online DE&I training course: SBS Inclusion.  This program has been designed by SBS to help companies embrace diversity and promote safe and happy workplaces.

SBS Inclusion is available as an e-Learning program to all MFA members and their staff and is comprised of 7 courses covering different diversity areas. 

One of the first steps in our MFA Media For All strategy, we encourage all MFA member staff to sign up and start the SBS inclusion program - our goal is for 70% of our industry to complete the Core Inclusion course by the end of 2022. 

Unlike other MFA e-Learning programs, there is no set timing and schedule for when you undertake each SBS Inclusion course. Once you register for the course you can determine your own learning pace and earn a certificate of completion for each of the 7 courses.

Measurement and Metrics

In partnership and with thanks to Media i, the MFA has been measuring the diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry since 2020.  Measurement is a critical step in achieving our ambition, understanding where we are now in order to set goals and benchmarks and track our ongoing progress.  MFA member agencies recieve an annual industry DE&I report outlining our industry benchmarks and their own agency performance against these.