MFA 5+

The MFA 5+ community (those with 5+ years industry experience) are our future leaders.  They are the backbone of our industry; on the ground getting the day-to-day work done, managing clients and overseeing the growth of newer recruits.

MFA 5+ is all about inspiring, informing and motivating this group to build careers in our industry that they can feel excited about.

The Series isn’t a workshop.  The goal of the MFA 5+ is to challenge us to think differently.

Our focus is on developing the business and leadership skills of our MFA 5+ community. Through a series of events, we aim to motivate, educate, challenge and connect our MFA 5+ members!

Want to attend the next event?

If you work for an MFA member agency and are interested in attending, please contact your agency's MFA 5+ taskforce representative.  If your agency doesn't have an MFA 5+ taskforce representative or you are not an MFA member, contact

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