MFA 5+

The MFA 5+ community (those with 5+ years industry experience) are our future leaders.  They are the backbone of our industry; on the ground getting the day-to-day work done, managing clients and overseeing the growth of newer recruits.

MFA 5+ has been reimagined to be a shorter, virtual, national program. MFA 5+ is all about inspiring, informing and motivating this group to build careers in our industry that they can feel excited about.

The Series isn’t a workshop.  The goal of the MFA 5+ Connect series is to challenge us to think differently.

Our focus is on developing the business and leadership skills of our MFA 5+ community. Through a series of events, we aim to motivate, educate, challenge and connect our MFA 5+ members!

Want to attend the next event?

MFA 5+ Connect events are invitation only.  If you work for an MFA member agency and are interested in attending, please contact your agency's MFA taskforce member.  Alternatively and for any other MFA 5+ enquiries contact

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