NGEN - An MFA Initiative

The NGEN program is specifically geared towards the needs of our newest industry members.

50% of people working in our industry have less than 5 years experience, yet are often responsible for planning, buying or selling media and managing large budgets. The NGEN program was launched in 2008 in order to nurture, develop and inspire this very large and important sector of our industry.

NGEN has grown to a community of 3,000+ young media professionals from both media communication agencies and media industry suppliers. More than 60 workshops providing learning and development as well as inspiration and motivation are run through February - October each year.

We're focused on supporting NGENers' career growth, building their community networks and giving back.

How can you give your staff access to NGEN?

Giving your staff access to all the great training and networking benefits of NGEN is easy.

If you are a media agency, join the MFA today or, if you are a media industry supplier, become an NGEN corporate member.

Once your company is signed up, any of your team with five years' industry experience or less is welcome to register for the NGEN program.

Click here to enquire if your company is eligible for membership. 

Not sure if your company is a member?