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Media Partner of the Year


With revenues at an all-time high and consecutive growth over the last six years, Val Morgan definitely shows its clients the bigger picture. For the first time, cinema revenues have exceeded $100 million – doubling in five years, with VMO delivering 33% growth YOY. Val Morgan also has a 47% positive promoter score and the highest national NPS at May 2017 of 36.

The company’s strong culture breeds a happy and loyal team with very high retention, morale and satisfaction scores. To deliver sustained improvement and best in market work, the company follows a circular process called CREATE > DISTRIBUTE > LEARN > REPEAT. Recognising the demands of agency life, Val Morgan strives to improve the agency community while creating a point of difference for itself.

It focuses on the whole agency team, not just the top. Its education strategy identifies new starters and those who need to know more. It has hosted over 200 Innovation Showcases in agencies, demonstrating the latest global DOOH innovations, immersive technology and interactivity. This media partner actively produces thought leadership research such as Halo to help agencies with their clients and launches world-leading insights tools like CineTAM Plus and Dart2.0 to provide richer understandings of audiences.

Val Morgan brings agencies together to reward their hard work, supports industry awards programs and hosts its own ACES, and creates bespoke team building initiatives tailored to each agency. In the last year, it hosted over 30 custom agency events.

Val Morgan partnered with multicultural specialists Red Elephant to help clients connect with a new cinema buying audience, Asian-Australians. Brands like CBA are now impacting (and tracking) a new audience through customised commercials in five languages. Working with UM and Optus, programmatic DOOH ad-serving reduced audience wastage by 65%. In partnership with Kantar Millward Brown, Val Morgan delivered thought leadership to assist clients in understanding cinema’s role in the AV mix. It worked with Starcom and SAWA to deliver a cinema-first split screen immersive technique for moviegoers. And in partnership with UM and the NSW Government, the media partner targeted motorcyclists in danger spots with real-time safety messages.

Judges Comments

"Val Morgan’s ability to deliver high service levels across the industry, innovation, and great partner engagement, leads to undeniable business results. The judges felt it was a fun offering that displayed engagement beyond the brief."