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OGX Beauty


OGX is a US−based challenger hair care brandthat, until 2015, had pushed its advertising budget into adapting American creativefor Australian magazines. That is, until OGXtasked Foundation with making it a real competitor in this market positioning it as an aspiration product. Key marketing objectives included increasing its footprint through sales volume and share by converting customers away from other super premium brands.


Foundation started by identifying who the Australian OGX buyer was: younger, living at home, with high disposable income and happy to pay a premium for personal grooming. The buyer’s media consumption was also broader than traditional channels, moving into video entertainment and bloggers. The strategy prioritised engaging content over print ads, with a focus on moving the association beyond paid product endorsement. Blogger Nadia Fairfax was chosen to promote the brand, with customers being able to win the chance to spend a day with her. However, a challenge came in the early part of the campaign when Fairfax was cast in the Foxtel and NBCU program, Fashion Bloggers. As the show had its own sponsorship arrangements, OGX could not be integrated into Fairfax’s appearances on the show. Rather than start from scratch with a new influencer, Foundation negotiated to use Foxtel’s production partners to build a content strategy around OGX and leverage its relationships and production values at a low cost to the brand. As a result, 10 pieces of premium video content were created including five product− focused videos for the brand. These appeared across NBCU TV channels (excluding any connection to Fashion Bloggers), Foxtel, digital channels and social media.


TV activity reached 60% of OGX’s target audience, who were exposed on average to five different pieces of content each. The brand’s Facebook audience increased by 400%, with a spike in engagement during the running of the campaign. Brand tracking conducted after the campaign showed there was a 15 point spike in prompted brand awareness among those who had access to Foxtel and that these women were significantly more likely to have purchased the product. OGX also saw a boost in sales metrics too, with a 35.1% year−on−year increase in sales.

Judges Comments

“In a cluttered category, this campaign stood out for its bravery to do things differently in the face of a budget dwarfed by the competition. There was smart use of content, distribution and importantly for the judges, tangible evidence of its contribution to unprecedented sales success.”