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Streets Ice Cream’s fortunes were slowly melting. Sales growth had slowed, penetration was idling, and iconic flavours were losing relevance. With the heat on in the category over summer, Streets couldn’t compete with dollars with only 6.9% of the category’s ad spend. New and increasingly exotic flavours were tempting consumers away from their favourites and new entrants were creating more choices.


The Street’s News Team was formed to steal the ‘new news’ halo effect of stories as they broke. It was hosted by Cornetto, fuelled by an intelligent news aggregating algorithm within a frosty news team set up in a studio on YouTube.

With the latest news story, song, or movie trailer breaking daily it was the perfect place for Streets to be part of the conversation. What made the Streets New Team special was its ability to provide a unique perspective on news stories as they took off.

This was achieved in a global media-first where Google’s Vogon technology was combined with Streets’ data aggregating algorithm. This allowed creative teams to quickly build hundreds of unique creative messages on identified topics, deploy them to contextual videos with scale, all within 24 hours.

The Street’s News Team was a true step in the direction of intelligent advertising adaptation.


Across summer, Street’s News Team had more news stories broken than all of the category combined, with hundreds of bulletins broken over 10 million times. Streets saw a 4.4% increase in penetration across four of its major brands, with significant uplift in sales. The Cornetto drove the highest lift, achieving 34% YOY growth in volume sold. A 42.7% increase in ad recall was recorded, putting Streets back on the lips of Australians.

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