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Tourism Western Australia

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Carat Perth


WA needed to attract more leisure visitors from the east. The aim was to grow consideration and intent measures by 10% across the two main cities, turn a decline in spend of – 20.7% to growth of +5%), and up the number of interstate visitor nights beyond 10.9 million.


By harnessing the power of social media, former state Premier Colin Barnet was engaged to ask all Western Australians to get behind the campaign and champion #justanotherdayinWA. The agency partnered with 7West Media, in particular The West Australian, to encourage people to share their day in WA for a chance to win a trip to Broome.

The agency then created personal films showing some of the extraordinary experiences on offer across the state (including a horse that visits a bar and a chance to take a Quokka selfie). The user-generated content from the hashtag was dynamically aggregated into the campaign site. The content marketing program allowed the agency to create and nurture leads, engage (and re-engage) consumers through display, various Facebook formats, email, paid and organic search and pre-roll activity.


Within one day, the hashtag was trending #1 on Twitter. It is still in use, with over 260,000 posts on Instagram. During the competition, nearly 40,000 images were uploaded, gaining more than 87 million potential impressions and over 1.2 million comments and likes, via earned media. The campaign had a positive impact on visitation, visitor spend, intention and consideration to travel. Brand tracking showed a direct correlation between visitation and campaign with 75% of the interstate target market who booked a holiday to WA stating the campaign impacted their decision.

Judges Comments

"This well-written entry took a new approach to tourism. The results were well-thought out, measurable and directly attributable to the campaign. The execution of this simple yet powerful campaign continues to engage both new and existing audiences well after the campaign has finished."