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Suncorp wanted to take advantage of the boom in the Sydney real estate market and had record targets in its sights: 50% growth in Sydney home loan lodgements and 25% in digital lead generation year−on−year. The targets were made even more difficult given the realities of the market: the big four banks dominate the industry and Suncorp, a Queensland brand, had low awareness in the market. In addition, it had a media budget that was less than a quarter of the major banks and had only 3% share of bricks and mortar branches to service the customer base in NSW.


Banks typically fight for market share of home loans by cutting rates but without this financial differentiation to entice customers, Suncorp had to rely on creating a service offering instead. Given the bank only had a small Sydney branch network, Starcom instead turned to Suncorp’s team of five mobile lenders, unrestricted by bank hours or locations. The result was the Home Loans On Call app, designed to allow customers to know when a mobile lender was in their area. The app gathered real−time GPS location data from the mobile lenders' work smartphones and was delivered directly to the audience. Starcom also wanted to highlight the on−call service was available where it was least expected — outside of work hours. The agency worked with Adshel to target commuters with the On Call app integrated
into its digital network. Each app sent the lenders’ data to a server that inserted each location into a database. A server within the Adshel digital network relayed the live connection to the database to return aggregated location data for all lenders over a 30−hour period. This data then dynamically animated the current and historical position of each lender in real− time. It meant that Sydneysiders could know where a lender had been and were going, and then book an appointment for their arrival home.


The campaign saw home loan lodgements increase 234% year−on−year — more than four times Starcom’s original target. In addition, mobile lender lead generation
reached 171%, an increase of 62% on the previous campaign.