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Everyone knows the tagline, ‘Have a break, have a KitKat’ but the problem facing KitKat was, despite being synonymous with breaks for decades, the product seemed dated. The challenge for KitKat was resurrecting ‘breaks’ and the brand as well.


While KitKats and breaks are still intrinsically linked, MEC had to research what a contemporary ‘break’ looks like. People no longer take breaks at the same time, do the same things or consume the same content. In the past, KitKat had used observational humour to connect with its audience but the need to match scale with increasing personalisation around breaks made this a challenge. Instead, the strategy was to match the art of comedy with individuals at scale. MEC chose a range of comedians, including Rosso, Hughesy and Scott Dooley to produce multiple pieces of observational break humour, with 15 videos created in total. While each had high profiles offline, they also had huge social media footprint, ensuring jokes would be shared at scale. And to make it authentic, MEC gave the KitKat brand to its team of talent, giving them free rein when it came to crafting their jokes. To distribute it, the agency used leading analytics from Google, Unruly, Facebook and InMobi to pinpoint moments where the audience was breaking online so they could be targeted. The strategy also gave KitKat the opportunity to turn barriers to engagement into comedic opportunities. For example, YouTube pre−rolls were produced showing the comedians holding up signs telling viewers to turn up the volume or not to skip. Whilst every break is individual, one thing that unites them is everyone wishes they last longer. KitKat encouraged consumers to extend their breaks by creating video carousels and different content that could be explored.


The campaign resulted in 2.5 million people viewing KitKat’s content, with completion rates 15% above global benchmarks. In addition 350,000+ people interacted with the videos beyond viewing. On Facebook the view rates were more than 25%, competition rates were 80% and average time spent viewing was more than 50%. When it comes to talkability, KitKat’s video scored up to 64% above normal rates for driving interest. Brand loyalty boosted by 17%. It also made a difference at the checkout, with sales increasing 16%.

Judges Comments

“The strength of this entry confirmed that a solid insight into media behaviour can in fact build a campaign construct that informs content and approach. Solid results were attained by marrying data and media understanding into transactional moments, within which KitKat cleverly framed the action all humans take which is defaulting to the digital world to have a break. A great example of how can brand integrate and leverage itself against existing human behaviour.”