Award Category

Aaron Vardon, Eline Rannou & Tim Micallef - Ikon Communications


To create a marketing strategy for the public sector’s Digital Transformation Office (DTO). The DTO aims to disrupt and innovate the government service model. However, as it is not staffed by bureaucrats but by developers, designers and researchers, the office is seen as an outsider. The challenge is to produce a marketing strategy to tackle this problem.


The entrants identified two key audiences: day−to−day personnel and the IT department and secondly senior managers and department executives who will act as champions. This audience is hesitant to accept the DTO, with resistance stemming around fear and denial. The marketing strategy will aim to shift emotion from negative to positive. The plan then aims to create an introduction to the DTO team with an interactive session around what the it does and what the long−term plans are. The next step would be to build ongoing interaction to support the relationship between the DTO and other departments. The final step is to focus on teamwork, with a bi-weekly open lab session to share all the good, bad, exciting and frustrating updates.


It would be measured on; awareness buildling and shifting perception of the role the DTO plays; increase the number of departments participating in the DTO program; attendance to open lab sessions.