Our Mission

Our mission is to promote increased productivity via the automation and integration of media systems across the industry and provide a forum for the media and software suppliers to engage with MFA member agencies.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a media industry where the transactional, data loading & analysis functions of media planning & buying are as automated as streamlined as possible to free up time & resources within agencies. Our vision is to eliminate all manual processes. 

Our Focus


  • To act as a first stop for suppliers to engage relevant agency systems personnel early on in the process
  • Provide a forum for suppliers to present to agencies
  • Provide an initial testing group where required


  • Collaborate on development roadmap and priorities for media systems that impact agencies
  • Promote improved accuracy and reporting for media data
  • Identify opportunities and requirements with new technologies and media platforms  


  • The development of electronic transacting with all media
  • All data delivery via API's or FTP sites, less reliance on emails and import/export
  • Automated integration with agency systems