MFA Digital Foundations Program

MFA Member


  • Training - Individual access to the MFA e-Learning program, workshop and self-study materials are included within your companies MFA membership fee.
    i.e., no fee for employees of MFA member agencies.

  • Exam – an administration fee of $50 (plus GST) per individual for each exam (Certificate I and Certificate II). 
    MFA Certification is achieved based on a pass rate of 80% or more.

  • e-Learning Program – To register you will be required to select a semester. Each semester includes Certificate I and II, and payment and registration of both exams is required up front, i.e., $100 (plus GST).

Learning Options:

To participate in the MFA Digital Foundations Program, there are three learning options:

  • e-Learning – two semesters a year.
  • Face to face workshops – run by your agency
  • Self-study – utilising the study guides