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Best Use Of Data


Narellan Pools


Swimming pool retailer Narellan wanted a better method of knowing when and where to spend its media dollars across 49 regional and metro centres across Australia. Based on strong results from the previous year, the client set Affinity an ambitious target in 2014-15 to increase leads by 10% and conversion to sales by 5%. The strategy was to determine the tipping point for people to become a lead and to identify why there were pronounced increases in leads and massive spikes in conversion of those leads to a purchase on certain days in warmer months.


Affinity’s campaign targeted home-owning families on Australia’s east coast and in South Australia. Using data insights, the agency overlaid Narellan’s first party data, including leads, sales, conversion rates, marketing and promotional plans along with website analytics such as traffic, time on site and visit to enquiry conversion rates, with third party data. This included consumer confidence, interest rates, CPI, building approvals, search volumes for pool quotes and related key words and weather. Affinity was able to identify a set of factors that, when tested, held true across all 49 markets as to the pronounced increases in leads and spikes in their conversion to purchases. The agency built a strategy that would see the majority of Narellan’s media investment spent only when certain conditions were met on a territory by territory basis, using real-time media buying tools with recommendations to decrease the total media budget by 30%.


Narellan’s total media spend was reduced by 30% while total leads were up by 11%. This was a 10% increase on the target set by the client. Total sales rose by 23%, a 360% increase on the agency’s target and profitability increased substantially on 2013-14. Affinity’s exhaustive interrogation of data meant it not only drove more leads for its client, it also drove better quality leads that converted to increased sales.

Judges Comments

What made this entry stand out was the detailed analysis of data to provide a refined approach to targeting. There was a clear journey through the process and it lead to some great results. Smashing the sales targets with a reduced budget.